Congressional Ads Project The dataset accompanying the book Downs' Revenge. The data consist of 26,124 House and Senate television ads collected over the period from 1968 to 2018. The coding includes over 70 items originally collected from each of 12,692 ads (1968 - 2008) resulting in over 913,824 data points for forty years of congressional races. An additional 13,432 ads from 2004 to 2018 elections were collected and recoded from the Wisconsin and Wesleyan Ads Projects. Research funding to collect the data was provided by the National Science Foundation, the Mike Synar Research Fellowship, the Dirksen Center Congressional Research Fund, the A. Whitney Griswold Faculty Research Fund, the generous support of the Institute of Governmental Studies at the University of California, the Julian P. Kanter Political Commercial Archive at the University of Oklahoma, and both the Institution for Social and Policy Studies and the Center for the Study of American Politics at Yale University. Additional support was provided by the Wisconsin Ads Project at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and the Wesleyan Ads Project at Wesleyan University.

Transcripts of House and Senate Political Commercials (2000 - 2018) (with Joel Hanel) The dataset contains 16,903 text transcripts of television political commercial videos provided by the Wisconsin and Wesleyan Ads projects. All years between 2000 and 2018 (including 2006) are available in the dataset, and allow for various machine learning and text analyses of campaign communication in the last 10 Congressional election cycles.

State Redistricting Plans and Proposals (2010) The dataset contains shapefiles or block conversion files for 1,627 alternative congressional and statehouse maps proposed during the 2010 redistricting cycle for 15 states.

State Party Platforms (1846 - 2017) (with Daniel Coffey, Daniel Galvin, Gerald Gamm, Dan Hopkins, Joel Paddock, Justin Phillips, and Eric Schickler)